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6701 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 4
6701 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 4

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Mar 16, 2021, 03:30 AM UTC (UTC)
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May 16, 2021, 06:25 PM UTC (UTC)


Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for IP Rights Assignment

These are the official rules for Code with SAP Hackathon being conducted by HackerEarth Technologies Private Limited (‘HackerEarth’) on behalf of SAP Labs India Private Limited (SLIPL) and SAP SE. Your participation in the Hackathon shall constitute your acceptance of these rules and by accepting these rules, you are entering into a binding agreement with SAP Labs India Private Limited. This Hackathon is sponsored by SAP Labs India Private Limited, hereby known as ‘Hackathon Organizer’, and hosted by HackerEarthTechnologies Private Limited. In addition to these rules, you must read and provide your consent to HackerEarth’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

  1. The Participant / Team agrees that the entire content/data generated from this Hackathon solely belongs to SAP SE and that SAP SE will acquire absolute rights, title and interest in such content/data or any derivative thereof including all intellectual property rights. The Participant / Team, by agreeing to participate in this Hackathon hereby assigns all the rights, title and interest that might have arisen by such participation in this Hackathon in favour of SAP SE and that only SAP SE will be entitled to apply for patents and other rights and protection in respect of works created and inventions made during the Hackathon.

  2. Participants agree that participating in the hackathon does not grant him/ her the license (expressly, by implication, estoppel, or otherwise) or any right of ownership to the data and resources. The intellectual property of the participants' code belongs only to SAP SE.

  3. As a participant, you understand and acknowledge that the main objective of Hackathon is to crowd-source ideas and solutions to an impending problem statement. By agreeing to participate in this Hackathon, the participant agrees to subject his/her submission to evaluation by the Hackathon Organizer and/or HackerEarth, which evaluation shall be based on certain pre-defined criteria.

  4. The participant / participating Team (collectively referred to as “Participant / Team” hereby represents that no part of the submissions made by the Participant / Team (including in relation to the ‘Winning Idea’) consists of any third party asset (whether intellectual property right or trade secret) and that the same is free from any encumbrances, restrictions and does not necessitate obtaining a license, consent or approval from any person or body corporate. Participant / Teams also understand that if there is a third party claim with respect to infringement of any third party rights arising from SAP SE’s use of the content as submitted by the Participant / Team, such Participant / Team will assist SLIPL & SAP SE in defending the claim and will indemnify SLIPL & SAP SE for any losses incurred. 

  5. The Participant / Team agrees to consent and be obligated to keep the data shared by SLIPL as utmost confidential and not share the same with any third party at any point in time without prior written approval of SLIPL. 

  6. The Participant / Team agrees to cooperate (signing of IP Assignment Agreement and other documents) with the Hackathon organisers in facilitating the grant to SAP SE full exclusive assignable perpetual worldwide rights to use and exploit such works and inventions. This includes without limitation comprehensive assignable perpetual exclusive worldwide right to use and exploit any work to which rights of authorship and copyright attach. It also includes without limitation the right to copy, change, process, translate, and market, whether by way of leasing, renting, or otherwise, any such work or invention and to grant such rights to others. 

  7. The participant agrees to provide such assistance as may be called upon by the Hackathon Organizer for the purpose of fully and effectively transferring and / or assigning any intellectual property rights that vests in the submissions, including in the ‘Winning Idea’ or any other part of the submissions in favor of the Hackathon Organizer, as and when called upon by the Hackathon Organizer. Such assistance shall include but not be limited to the execution/signing of any documents/applications/petitions/appeals/affidavits/counters and or such other document as may be reasonably requisitioned by the Hackathon Organizer, and/or any personal appearance/s before any authority concerned and/or making any statement constituting deposition in evidence in any proceeding. The Hackathon Organizer agrees to bear all reasonable expenses in connection with such assistance that may be required from the participant/s.  Furthermore, the participant agrees to provide a Power of Attorney for the aforementioned purposes in favor of the Hackathon Organizer as and when so called upon by the Hackathon Organizer.

  8. Further, the participants hereby agree that the ideas shall not be submitted to any third party unless and until SLIPL & SAP SE have expressly declined to exploit the said rights and reassign intellectual property rights to the relevant participant. 

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